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Paris has become the first European capital to completely ban the use of rental electric scooters. T…

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Paris has become the first European capital to completely ban the use of rental electric scooters. The decision came after a referendum held in April 2023, in which an overwhelming majority of Parisians voted to ban the scooters from the streets.[0] The ban is seen as an attempt to address the road “nuisance” caused by the two-wheeled vehicles.[0]

The referendum saw a low turnout, with only an estimated 7.5 percent of people on the electoral roll voting. However, of those who did vote, 90 percent supported the ban.[1] Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, who had campaigned against the scooters, called for the referendum and has pledged to honor the outcome.

The ban applies to rental electric scooters only, and privately owned scooters are exempt.[2] The three companies that operated the rental scooters in Paris, Tier, Dott, and Lime, have until September 1 to remove an estimated 15,000 scooters from the city.[2]

The decision to ban rental electric scooters in Paris has sparked debate. Supporters of the ban argue that it will reduce the “nuisance” caused by the scooters, which were often left abandoned on the streets and posed safety concerns.[3] Critics, however, argue that the ban is drastic and that e-scooters can be a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.[4]

In recent years, electric scooters have become increasingly popular in many cities around the world. They offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around, particularly for short distances. However, their proliferation has also raised concerns about safety and clutter on the streets.

Paris is not the only city to grapple with the issue of electric scooters. Other major European capitals, such as Madrid and Copenhagen, have reversed previous bans and allowed rental firms to operate under new conditions.[5] In Amsterdam, most e-scooters are banned on public roads, and no ride-sharing companies have entered the market.[6]

While the ban on rental electric scooters in Paris may be seen as a setback for the industry, many companies are shifting their focus to e-bikes. Lime, one of the largest e-scooter operators in the city, has stated that it now operates twice the number of e-bikes than e-scooters.[7] The city of Paris has invested heavily in improving its cycling infrastructure and promoting sustainable mobility options.[8]

Overall, the ban on rental electric scooters in Paris reflects the ongoing debate about the role of these vehicles in urban transportation. While they offer a convenient and environmentally friendly option, their presence has also raised concerns about safety and clutter on the streets. The ban in Paris is a significant development and may influence the approach of other cities towards electric scooters.

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