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Super Typhoon Saola has prompted Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s flagship airline, to cancel all flights…

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Super Typhoon Saola has prompted Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's flagship airline, to cancel all flights in and out of the city between 2 PM on Friday and 10 AM on Saturday. The only exception is flights CX840/CX841 from New York.[0] The decision to cancel the flights was made due to the approaching typhoon, which is expected to bring gales and heavy rain to the region.

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. announced on their website that more than 200 flights arriving in and departing from Hong Kong during the specified time frame will be cancelled. The airline advised passengers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport.

The typhoon, named after a rare and protected horned mammal in Vietnam, is currently located southeast of Guangdong province and is moving northwest across the South China Sea at a speed of approximately 10 kph.[1] It has maximum sustained winds of 162 kph and gusts of up to 198 kph.[2]

China's national observatory has issued a red alert for Typhoon Saola, the highest level in its four-tier typhoon warning system.[3] The typhoon is expected to make landfall somewhere between Huidong County in Guangdong and Hong Kong on Friday night or Saturday morning.[4]

In addition to Cathay Pacific, other airlines such as Hong Kong Airlines and HK Express have also cancelled flights during the specified time period. Hong Kong's Stock Exchange may also be closed on Friday due to the approaching typhoon.[5]

The typhoon has already caused disruptions in other regions. It brushed past the northeast of the main island of Luzon in the Philippines, causing flooding and displacing tens of thousands of people.[4] It also led to the cancellation of more than a dozen flights in Taiwan.[6]

Hong Kong residents have been stocking up on supplies in preparation for the typhoon, and classes in kindergartens and schools for children with disabilities have been suspended.[7] The Hong Kong Observatory has raised a T8 storm signal, and there is a possibility that it may be upgraded to a No. 10 warning signal if wind speeds reach hurricane levels.[1]

Further flight delays and cancellations may be required depending on the weather conditions and the path of the typhoon on Saturday morning.[7] Passengers whose flights are affected will be automatically rebooked on the next available flight.[7]

The impact of the typhoon and its interaction with Tropical Storm Haikui, which is located nearby, is still being observed. There is a possibility that they may create the Fujiwhara effect, which can affect the strength and movement of the storms.

In conclusion, the approaching Super Typhoon Saola has resulted in the cancellation of hundreds of flights in and out of Hong Kong, affecting various airlines including Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, and HK Express. The typhoon, which is expected to make landfall in the region, has prompted other precautionary measures such as the closure of Hong Kong's Stock Exchange and the suspension of classes in schools. Passengers are advised to stay updated on the status of their flights as further delays and cancellations may occur depending on the weather conditions.

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